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Invented in 1953 by Buckminster Fuller, PODVISION is a little-know technique useful for rendering messages from the mothership visible to humans. Normally, these messages are transmitted on frequencies percievable only by miniature chihuahuas and dolphins, but with the application of PODVISION technology, humans can become privy to communications not originally intended for humankind!

How does PODVISION help me?

If you fear that your small dog or pet dolphin is plotting against you-- they probably are! With PODVISION technology, you can foil their plans and maintain the normalcy of your home. Occasionally, PODVISION will also reveal useful cooking techniques and drink recipes, so PODVISION can also help you win the envy of your friends and the attention of your preferred gender at dinner and cocktail parties.

I'm interested! Tell me about how I can get PODVISION!

Tune into the All Pods web site June 14 - 19 for live PODVISION transmissions... ALL WILL BE REVEALED!

How can I help promote PODVISION so that other humans may benefit?

Simple-- buy a PODVISION T-shirt and tell the world! We've got all sizes, shapes and colors of shirts available with our groovy PODVISION cartoon on them.

See a full-sized image of the Cartoon.

Shop for PODVISION shirts!

Many thanks to Maria for coining the term PODIVISION during Roswell2k 2003. Maria rocks!!